Sampled 2 flights with our church pastors at Tapistry Brewing

Rob & Tara Wallace at Tapistry

As a belated Pastor Appreciation Day gift, Dan and I took our beloved pastors and friends, Rob and Tara Wallace, a husband and wife team, out for Sunday lunch and beer at Tapistry Brewing in Bridgman, MI. We are members of NorthPoint Vineyard Church in South Bend where we all challenge each other weekly to actively pursue God and love others unconditionally.

The 45 minute drive up to Tapistry was just enough time for us to catch up on life, talk about how the church is growing and build up a massive appetite for lunch. When we arrived a bit after 2 p.m. we were all eager to sample the vittles. But first, we ordered 2 flights and the Brewer’s Board of snazzy meats, cheese, pickles, marinated onions, preserves and fancy mustard. We were all quite taken with the sweet pickle chips and marinated red onions. Yum!

Beer flights at Tapistry

My top favorite brew on tap that day was Burn the Witch, a Weizenbock with strong, sweet notes of banana and dates. And we all really enjoyed the Happy Colored Marbles Belgian oatmeal stout, Autonomous Unit oatmeal raisin cookie ale and Eilmer, a Belgian Trippel with Ginger. Their American barley wine, Sixteen Tons, was surprisingly light compared to other barley wines I’ve tasted, but it was very nice.

Tapistry’s tap room menu features three snack plates, lovely salads and hearty deli sandwiches; they source what they can locally. And, let me apologize for failing to photograph our food. I was famished. I loved the Muffaletta with house-smoked ham, salami, pepperoni, white cheddar, soft burrata cheese, kale and olive tapenade on a Bit of Swiss Italian loaf. Don’t worry, the meat was stacked high, with just the right amount of kale. This sandwich was truly excellent — I could taste the tapenade and cheese blending at an appropriate ratio against the meat. And goodness, the bread was substantial. In fact, I noticed the top of my mouth wasn’t used to such hearty bread and rubbed a wee bit raw, but nothing my beer couldn’t pleasantly numb.

Tapistry tap room

At one point, I admit, I stood mesmerized at the line of neon green glowing tap handles that mirror the “i” in the logo (or is the other way around?). You can see a great photo of it on their website photo slider. The building was nice and open and felt a bit like a small warehouse. Tapistry beer appears to only be available in Michigan at this point, so I suggest you take a little trip up to the tap room with some people you like. Maybe your pastor?

Want to check out my church led by pastors that … gasp … drink beer? We meet at 9:15 and 11 a.m. Sundays in an old warehouse at 2309 Edison Road, South Bend, IN 46615, near the northeast corner of Ironwood and Edison. Let me know you’re coming and I’ll save you a seat.