My scandalous secret leads to zucchini pizza crust

zuchini crust pizza

Bonneyville Mill buckwheatSo, I’m going to tell you a little secret. A secret most people don’t like to hear. Generally whenever I tell it, I get looks of disgust or disbelief. So please have mercy on my strange self.

Here goes …

I am not a lover of bread, noodles or crackers.

Even the hearty bread my Dad used to make growing up wasn’t wildly attractive to me. I like homemade bread. I prefer heartier styles with sprouted grain or sourdough, but I can’t say I crave bread, ever. And, yes, I’m a fan of bread and noodles that are extravagant and painstakingly crafted, but even then I’ll nearly always choose something else over the bread or noodle dish. I generally see bread or flour-based items as a carrier for some other food item, like pizza or pie.

Scandalous, I know. What can I say, I’m a weird one.

Most people seemingly love bread, noodles, cookies, but I’m always trying to figure out how to avoid the flour. I just don’t enjoy it. Feels like a waste of my stomach space and seems to dilute the flavor of foods paired with it. I’ve read a little bit about today’s wheat and how its changed drastically from what it once was and I recognize the follies of refined and bleached flours, but I have yet to read the famed Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. They’re both on my list and I think I’ll be blown away by the research.zuchini pizza crust

But for now, I’m experimenting with almond flour, buckwheat flour and eventually rye. The last two we purchased when we visited Bonneyville Mill in Goshen, the oldest continuously operating grist mill in Indiana (its open through the end of this month).

So, when I saw my friend Kristina Craig post on Facebook about zucchini pizza crust, I was excited to make my own. Last week we still had two large zucchinis left from our garden perfect for said experiment.

I followed the recipe from almost exactly, except I used our own homemade tomato sauce and, of course, topped it high with veggies from the South Bend Farmers Market and our Rise Up Farms CSA subscription. My salt lid also exploded off into the zucchini, so my salt level was much higher than the recipe called for, by mistake.

zuchini pizza crustI was rather impressed with how much water I squeezed out of the shredded zucchini, and I was most impressed with how slam-bam flavorful the crust was on its own. It was basically like making a little egg zucchini bake with pizza toppings — like a fancy pizza zucchini egg tart! Hands down, the best pizza crust I’ve ever had. I will make it again. In fact, maybe next year I’ll grow extra zucchini for that purpose.

NOTE: I’ve shredded zucchini before, but this time, seeds were flying out in all directions, bonking my glasses and inciting cat play. What on earth?