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Edible Michiana Fall 2014

Edible Michiana 2011Back in 2011, I got my hands on the first copy of Edible Michiana and fell in love. I read every article, tried several recipes and promptly wrote a colorful query letter of sorts to Publisher Victoria Brenneman asking how I could contribute. She kindly invited me out to lunch at Thyme of Grace to discuss.

I was beyond excited — getting to try a beautiful new restaurant with the queen of regional food writing … what could be better? She invited me to try my hand at an article they wanted pretty quickly for the next issue. It was on Ciao’s Lounge in South Bend, and you know I cranked it out quickly and had a wonderful time eating at the restaurant, meeting Chef Adele G. De Rosa Ciao and writing the piece called Old Recipes — New Vision.

And I must have done alright on that first piece, because they invited me to write several short “Spilling the Beans” pieces along the way: A CSA Especially for Juicers, Talk About Devouring a Book …, Proudly Michiana for 77 Years.

I subscribe to the magazine because I want to support our regional food community in every way I can and because it makes me feel like I’m part of a special fancy foodie club. I am ecstatic every time it arrives in the mail — the substantial quality paper, the gorgeous photography … even the stamps are lovely. Every new issues makes me aware of food businesses I’ve never heard of and want to try, and provides tasty recipes I can make in my own kitchen.

Although you can pick up the magazine for free at several advertiser locations around Michiana,  I encourage you to support the Edible Michiana team by subscribing. For one year, 4 issues, it only costs $34.24 including tax. And if you aren’t ready to commit that way, flip through those pages, read some ads and support the local businesses you see inside.

I haven’t been able to write for Edible Michiana for more than a year because of job guidelines, and then life got in the way, but I’m hoping to be able to write again soon.