Rein Juicery is one of the happiest places in South Bend

Rein Juicery

Rein Juicery owners and brothers Todd, Scott and Nick Anglemeyer stop for a photo on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Saturday I stood in the warm October sunshine outside Rein Juicery chatting and laughing with Scott Anglemeyer. I hardly know the guy, but somehow he and his brothers Todd and Nick have naturally created an impressively inviting — dare I say brotherly — atmosphere in their just 5-month-old juice bar. The very first time I visited back in June, I was heartily welcomed in with smiles and invited to try about 5 different juice samples. Their enthusiasm is neon green electric. Just try not to leave with a smile.


I asked Todd what he hopes their customers experience when they visit. “We want customers to feel comfortable walking in and asking any question,” said Todd. “We enjoy getting to know people and helping them find juice they love. This also helps us build a menu and business that the community supports and feels a part of.”

Rein Juicery local suppliersRein Juicery further builds community by sourcing as much as they can locally. On the wall there’s a chalkboard listing local purveyors and what each supplies to the business. For instance, raw honey, beets, kale and chard come from the Unity Gardens, maple Syrup from Lemler Farms and coffee from Zen Café and Grounds & Hounds.

That’s a big part of why I feel so good supporting Rein Juicery, but the real reason is the exotic, flavorful juice. My go-to is the tart Immune Booster (also the best seller) with apple, orange, pomegranate, kale and lemon; and I once sampled a beet juice that was tremendously tasty (would love to see this added to the menu). I know tons of time and testing goes into their well-balanced juice blends because Dan and I did a one-week juice cleanse back in the day. It was rather tricky getting flavor proportions right, and of course we tried some super weird things, like garlic, which didn’t really work out.

rein_juicery7Rein Juicery produces colorful, organic flavor that you can’t buy at the grocery store. It’s something special. It’s cold-pressed, never heated, so it has 30-40% higher nutrient content than what you’d get at a traditional juice bar. Dan did a lot of research before buying our own juicer and learned that cold-pressed juices oxidize more slowly, thus retaining more nutrients longer.

Rein Juicery also offers very popular beginner and advanced juice cleanse programs, which I’d love to try someday. Todd told me they’ve already sold more than 100 cleanse packages and have had rave reviews. Not only is their juice excellent and delicious, but their smoothies are by far the best in South Bend. My favorite, although I still haven’t tasted them all, is the Chocolate Covered Cherry with cherry, strawberry, banana, avocado, raw cacao, milk, maple syrup and vanilla. It is lightly sweet and totally heavenly. They told me San Jamar is the top seller with carrot, apple, orange, pineapple, mango, banana, coconut oil, milk, maple syrup and vanilla. In addition to their fruit- and veggie-based drinks, they also make cold-pressed coffee and hot coffee with MCT oil (most pure form of coconut oil) and butter from grass-fed cows, which reportedly speeds up metabolism and stimulates mental acuity.

Last week they announced delivery service. Todd said, “Since we’re open only during regular work hours, it can be difficult for people to visit us. We want to be accessible to our customers, so we started doorstep delivery to South Bend, Mishawaka and Granger with a 2 juice minimum.”

Right now Rein Juicery uses a special juicing machine that is housed in the Niles Entrepreneurial & Culinary Kitchen to make all of their juice. They hope to expand from there and eventually sell to retail outlets and wholesale.

For more info on Rein Juicery, go visit the brothers in their bright green building on South Bend Avenue, right by Main Street Pub! Or you can read the South Bend Tribune article written right before they opened up shop in June, or another article written by the Elkhart Truth’s Flavor 574 soon after Rein Juicery opened. Also visit the Rein Juicery website and LIKE the Facebook page.

Rein Juicery
2036 South Bend Ave
South Bend, Indiana 46637