My mom is where my food story begins.

Flowers at the South Bend Farmer's Market.This morning I sliced up red, purple, yellow and orange tomatoes from our garden, lined them up on shining mesh metal trays, carefully placed them in our giant dehydrator (gifted to us by mom and Chuck) and set the timer for 8 hours. This is my first experiment in drying anything other than apples and I’m so looking forward to the results. I grabbed some bags and dashed off to South Bend Farmers Market where my sight was drenched with bright colorful mums, gerbera daisies and farmhouse bouquets, boxes of Brussels sprouts, towering piles of green beans and lines of crisp watermelons.

See, I don’t often wear my contacts and when I do, I feel 3 times closer to everything and everybody I see. This only amplifies the beauty of our fall market and makes me smile at everyone walking by. I always run into people I know, and today I ran into my momma! What a fitting place for me to find my mom and introduce her to you all. She wore a jovial floral shirt that matched the spirit of the market and together we carried our purple potted mums outside.

Eggs in a metal bucketMy mom is where my food story begins. I grew up eating lots of cheese, homemade ice cream, homegrown tomatoes and chocolate. My mom’s tastes and interest in quality, sustainable food have influenced me to follow the flavor. In the last 5 years or so, my Mom has sought out rich raw milk, learned to make cheese, started a “backyard” chicken herd and impressive garden and connected with local producers of grass-fed beef. Over those same five years, Dan and I have taken many food adventures and can boast a modest vegetable garden, weekly cooking experiments, half a grass-fed beef in our garage freezer, home-brewed beer (Dan’s bottling a coffee stout right now), CSA membership at Rise Up Farms, and we are even cow-share owners.

All of this to say, we love food and we love beer and we love people. Bringing all three together makes me very happy and that’s what this blog will is all about. I will tell my food stories and hope to hear yours, share recipes, take you to my favorite restaurants and point you to the best local producers I find. Please come follow the flavor with me!